I’ve been referred to KNAP.  What are the next steps?

Individuals can self-refer to the program or can be referred through an employer, a family friend, or the Kansas State Board of Nursing.  After a referral has been made, KNAP will reach out to the individual through a packet in the mail, so it is imperative we have your current place of residence.  This packet will outline the next steps with the program, which will include setting up an evaluation with a licensed clinician and filling out and returning releases of information back to KNAP.  Once you have made an appointment with an evaluator, you are required to notify the KNAP office of the date and time of the appointment.

I’ve had my evaluation and filled out my releases of information to KNAP.  What happens now?

Once KNAP receives the evaluation back from the evaluator, we will make a determination and recommendation if monitoring is needed.  This will occur based on all of the applicable information from your case.  KNAP will reach out to you via telephone to discuss our determination.  Please ensure that KNAP has a current working phone number for you.  Once we have discussed our determination with you (and if monitoring is recommended), KNAP will send another mailing that consists of the KNAP agreement and additional information regarding the program.  There will be a due date for which you will need to return the agreement by or KNAP will close your case, which will then be referred to the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

I’ve chosen not to participate in monitoring.  What will happen to my case?

If monitoring is recommended, and you choose to not return the KNAP agreement or move forward with the monitoring program, we are required to close your KNAP case and refer your information to the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN).  The KSBN will then determine next steps regarding your case and possible disciplinary action on your license.

I work with a fellow nurse who I suspect is diverting medication or may have a substance abuse disorder.  What should I do?

In the state of Kansas, if an individual is suspected of an issue that could impair their ability to practice safely as a nurse (substance abuse issue, mental health issue, cognitive functioning issue), referrals can be made to either the Kansas Nurse Assistance Program or to the Kansas State Board of Nursing. Both entities are established to ensure safety for the public and rehabilitation of the struggling nurse.  It would also be recommended to reach out to your supervisor or director to discuss your concerns with them.